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This brilliantly colored design incorporates imagery that is universal among the Native peoples. The sun, moon, stars and rain clouds represent an honored relationship with the spiritual world of the cosmos. Native American reverence for the natural world is represented by both flora ??? corn, squash, beans and tobacco and fauna, buffalo, bear, elk and eagle. The dynamic central image is a sacred circle filled with a cross, a universal symbol of the origin of humankind and the four directions that guide us on our journey.-64" x 80"-Napped, felt bound-82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton woven in our Northwest mills-Dry clean-Made in the USA-The Benefits of Wool-Think wool is just for the winter?-Not so...Wool is a breathable fiber that provides instant warmth; unlike synthetic materials. It regulates itself to individual body temperature and really is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is also a great buffer against rain, wind and snow. The scientific reasons for these miraculous properties are that, in cold temperatures, wool removes (wicks) moisture from the skin while at the same time its insulating qualities trap dry air and warmth. In warm temperatures, wool is breathable qualities draw in air which removes excess heat and moisture from the body, helping the wearer stay cool. To add to that, wool is naturally water-resistant, repelling moisture vapor through its fibers and making it resistant to rot, mold and mildew.Wool is hard to challenge for its sustainability. At the end of its life, wool is bio-degradable in the soil, releasing important nutrients. However, if you invest in a Pendleton wool blanket, you will never throw it away you'll just pass it down thru the generations.Wool is a highly practical fiber. Easy to clean because dirt sits on the surface of the fiber (and so can be wiped off), it needs very little washing or laundry. It dries quickly and is flame-retardant. Naturally anti???allergenic, wool does not collect static which attracts dust and dirt, so those with allergies to house-mites or dust are turning to wool bedding. Many customers who suffer from asthma or eczema buy Pendleton wool blankets.

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Pendleton Shared Spirits Throw Blanket

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